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KKOD will help you select the right celebrity or influencer who can benefit you.

He or she will talk about you in social media.

He/she will feature in an online interaction with your customers/clients/stakeholders.

He/she will endorse your product//brand.

You can engage the celebrity or influencer all year round or have more than one for your specific commitments.

A digital campaign will run weaving your brand projection needs alongwith celeb.

This will be a duration locked campaign to give best results for impact and leads.

The solution for you will also include Press Coverage in local media.



OFFSITES/FOUNDING DAYS/VIRTUAL FUN - Employees need to be engaged and motivated. Hire a celebrity singer or band for an on ground celebration or online entertainment. Celebrate your special day with KKOD's special packages.

INSPIRE - Everyone needs inspiration to keep working, work better, stay motivated. So why not hire a motivation speaker,a TedX speaker or a famous sportsman to have close interaction with your employees and make it a memorable event. This can be a special khushiyon ki online delivery with a mixed model of offline and online delivery combined with social media boost and local PR.

This is also an invitation to all education leaders to inspire and motivate their students and teachers with KKODs select portfolio of speakers.


Digital-Package of solutions like Webapp, Website, SEO, SEM, Pay per Click campaigns, Email marketing and SMS boost.

In App advertising- Programmatic selling automated to pick target audience for your product.

Audio space- Podcast, audio apps ad placement.

Radio networks use for FCT and NFCT programming with RJs on ground promotion of your business.

 Creative services- making digital ads, audios for digital, radio campaigns.

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